George Curran, Bass Trombonist of the New York Philharmonic, is hosting an Online Trombone Seminar #OTS2020 from July 8th - 10th. On July 10th, during his Solo Recital, he’ll be performing my piece Oscillations for Trombone(s) and pre-recorded Synth.

This Bandcamp exclusive benefit compilation, which features 21 diverse tracks of more than two hours of music from our extensive roster of far-reaching artists, includes brand new work from from Benjamin Louis Brody featuring Darian Donovan Thomas, Bec Plexus, Pascal Le Boeuf + Hub New Music, and Christopher Cerrone + the Argus Quartet. 100% of proceeds from "July 3, 2020: A Benefit Compilation" will be donated to The Okra Project and VOCAL-NY